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Onboarding Packages

Minimise downtime and maximise engagement with effective new hire onboarding.

Engaging your employees starts before they have even walked through the door for their first day of work. How your company treats new hire in their first few days will determine how engaged they are, and whether you will retain them in the long-term.

Pure Survey is serious about supporting our clients in building their Employee Experience. We believe that a structured onboarding process sets the stage for a successful ongoing relationship with your new hires. We partner with our clients to develop and deliver onboarding packages and support to ensure seamless integration of new hires into their business.

Our onboarding packages include:

• Onboarding eLearning modules – We package all of the most important information about your business into branded, fun interactive eLearning modules. This is a quick
way to give your new hire insight into your company values, structure, culture, brand, and strategy – providing consistent messages to your new employees.

• Onboarding Surveys and follow up – keep in touch with your new hires and get feedback on their onboarding experience. Our Pure Survey Onboarding surveys will help
you to track and measure the effectiveness of your onboarding process.

Speak to one of our experienced and helpful project managers to see how we can help you to enhance your new hire process today.