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Solutions: 360 Assessments

360 Values and Team Surveys

Enhance your performance management process by measuring individual teamwork, values, and capabilities from multiple perspectives. 360 survey and gaining Multi-rater feedback is acknowledged as being one of the best ways to gain perspective on individual behaviour and competence. Many companies are reluctant to use 360 feedback, due to the perception that it is high maintenance, time consuming and admin intensive.

Pure Survey has developed a customisable, easy to use multi-rater platform that can be adapted and used for a variety of multi- rater applications. Content and questions can be sourced from our library or populated from your existing questionnaires. We use simple, online graphics and questionnaires, and the process is simple to administer and monitor from a single point.

360 feedback is a useful addition to performance reviews, project close-out reviews and teamwork assessments. The feedback, delivered in confidential and detailed reports, forms the basis for personal development and team building.

Pure Survey reporting provides management and individuals with a multi-dimensional view on attitudes and behaviours that often go unnoticed. Reports are provided on individual and organisational levels and include practical solutions and development suggestions.

In order to fully integrate a 360° survey with your business needs, our service includes:
Preparing your staff in order to maximise effectiveness.
Facilitating the survey from start to finish.
Combining results with existing employee engagement surveys.
Optimising results by supporting your HR staff to implement change.

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