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Solutions: Online Learning solutions

eLearning Modules

Boost productivity and get all your employees on the same page with interactive and interesting eLearning modules.

eLearning is a great way to deliver valuable information to your employees whenever and wherever they need it. As a cost effective and efficient alternative to live training, eLearning can be used to communicate and assess anything from company branding to customer service protocols. eLearning is a practical solution for companies with globally distributed teams, who wish to have the flexibility to reach people working at multiple sites.

Pure Survey partners with our clients to develop eLearning modules that are engaging for the employees and simple to track and administer for their training professionals.

We package client content into fun, professional modules, that include assessment of learning, completion tracking and branded with their company CI.

Our eLearning modules can de delivered via your current online learning platform, of hosted on the Pure Survey eLearning platform.

We have developed a wide range of web-, mobile and desktop-based modules that make use of adult learning principles, gamification and are highly interactive. Pure Survey’s eLearning modules will engage your employees with the content that matters to your business, keeping their knowledge current and enabling them to perform at their peak.

Speak to us about developing interactive, interesting, multi-dimensional eLearning that will keep your people engaged and informed – wherever they are.