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Employee Engagement Surveys

Levels of employee engagement influence your company’s ability to retain key people, and how productive and willing to go the extra mile they are. Pure Survey’s Engagement Surveys enable our clients to understand what drives engagement in their businesses. They are able to consistently manage, improve and measure their employee experience and engagement levels. They are able to target interventions where they are needed most, and measure effectiveness over time.

The Pure Survey Engagement Survey measures both rational and emotional commitment, as well as the drivers that promote engagement and commitment. Our clients use this survey as an annual checkpoint to measure engagement and identify factors that may be impacting negatively on commitment.

Understanding levels of commitment and what engages people is vital intelligence for any business that wishes to retain key people and improve productivity. Engaged employees are more likely to “go the extra mile” and are way more likely to stay.

The intelligence provided by Pure Survey Employee Engagement Surveys enables Business Leaders and their HR professionals to target employee engagement initiatives where they are needed most, and to adjust their people management and business practices to align with their business strategy and culture.

Cost effective and insightful reports provide interactive infographics, deep dive insights and comment analysis to provide an easy to understand and comprehensive view of engagement in your business.

Talk to us about how to measure, understand, and address your employee engagement levels, simply effectively and consistently.